Welcome to my personal corner of the Internet. In this space, I’ll share what I’m thinking about and working on. I'll write about learnings and experiences I’ve acquired, and ideas I’m pondering. I hope it can be helpful to others as well as myself.

I’ve built startups my entire adult life. I’ve founded two digital media companies: Bleacher Report and Inverse. Both were acquired.

I’ve also been an advisor and investor to startups for the past several years. I’ve worked with founders from all different backgrounds in a variety of categories.

I’m a dad to two kids who I adore and husband to an amazing woman. I’m also an obsessive live music fan, occasional baker, and a proponent of mindfulness meditation.

I started this site for two reasons:

  1. I believe life is a journey and that journey is the sum of all experiences. My aim is to better document my experiences and thought process. In doing so, I hope to be more intentional in my life and help others on their respective journeys.
  2. I am at a critical point in my personal journey. After selling my second company, I am contemplating how I want to spend the next phase of my life. We all face transition periods in our lives. It is in these moments when we have the most capacity for growth, and when illuminating truths are revealed.

Over the course of my life I’ve developed a set of values. These values guide my thinking, decision-making, and how I spend my time and interact with other people.

My Values

  • Integrity: I believe in being straight with others and myself. This includes being honest about my beliefs and intentions, even when they are in opposition to what others believe. And it also means trying to understand where others are coming from. We are all complex people with fears, insecurities, and flaws. Valuing integrity also demands seeking friendships, collaborators, and colleagues who do as well.
  • Significance: I act with meaning and find meaning in what I choose to act on. I know I have a choice in how I live my life and how I spend my time and attention. I choose to fill as many moments as possible with actions I find significant. Above all else, I value my family because they are the most meaningful part of my life.
  • Curiosity: I am guided by a deep-seated curiosity to learn more about the world, how it works, and other peoples’ experience in it. My curiosity is rooted in humility. I understand my knowledge is limited by my own experience. Curiosity also means never being bored. Life always gives you something new to learn.

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